Blackjack Is a very popular card game in casinos. Blackjack was first presented in the late 18th century under the name “21”. This game is generally based on two card video games. “The railroad” and “the French company”, at the time played in Parisian casinos. It was then presented to the United States with little… Continue reading Blackjack

Video poker

Video poker Video Poker is a video game that is played on ports and also is offered on several casino sites and enjoy games. It is based on the variant of five-card draw. History The first video poker showed up in years 70, accompanying the first PCs. With the growth of electronics as well as… Continue reading Video poker

Adventure Contest

Do you want to experience and enjoy adventure? If so, I invite you to Adventure RAID. We are a competition where we enjoy the adventure with walking, mountain biking, and kayaking. Many teams will need a lot of practice and preparation to compete and win the competition.